Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Day!

We have a court date!!!! January 16th. This is the day an attorney (hired by our agency) represents us before the Ethiopian judge to make the adoption final in Ethiopia. So, if the judge approves, that is the day we will legally be parents to our three brave and bright children, who are waiting for us. Then, about a month later we will travel to pick them up.

Tonight I was reading Jenny and Matt's blog and they have a great thing they do for each birthday in their family. They pick a charity to donate to, and ask anyone who is willing to honor the birthday person with a gift to that charity. I think we'll start doing this with everyone in our family. This Christmas we are seriously downsizing the amount of stuff we buy, and amount of money we spend. We will give a gift to a charity. I think maybe we have a vote on Christmas morning for what charity to give to, and have each person in the family pledge the amount they would like to give.

Watch this video.... it is so inspiring:

Think about it! What kind of change do you want to make with your celebrations?


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Becky said...

check out my blog for my complete comment on this... you continue to inspire me! love you!