Thursday, March 20, 2008

Life is a Party!

Okay, so I'm behind....

The World Party was a blast! Even though I had the flu. Thank you all for coming... I hope you didn't get the flu. Laird has it now, so that's why the thank you notes haven't been written. (Don't ask why the wedding thank you notes haven't been written...).

So.... we don't have pics or anything, but check out Becky's blog. She and Sandor and Brandy and John and Pat and Sue and Nikole and Tegan and Jordan and Shannon and Ben and Laird spent the whole day helping to get everything ready and decorating and making cookies and taking care of details and running sound and visuals and cleaning up. And they even had time to take pictures!!! My family is AWESOME!!!!!! Mom and Dad came, too, and it was wonderful to have them. And everyone! So many people love us and support our plan for growing our family. I was so moved I had to spend three days in bed. No, that was the flu. But I was moved.

Laird and I will post a financial report after this weekend.

Lateset news: we have to redo all our homestudy paperwork because we had to switch agencies for the homestudy. Oh, the tedium. But, I think it is okay, because we really want to travel in November or December, so Laird has as much time as possible without business travel for the bonding and adjusting time. I'm trusting that the timing will be right, no matter what bumps we find in the road.

Ben found a job, Tegan found a car, and Jordan joined the track team. Life is good!

Happy Easter!!!!!