Wednesday, December 31, 2008

ode to anger

you disguise sadness
you build a fortress
around the heart tendered
by grief <---> you blame
when self is too weak to stand
in sorry <---> you find fault
where there is none
but natural imperfection

you power the passionate rant
and righteous indignation
against disappointment and hopelessness
you black-start the boiler of human rage
you hide many sins from the sinner

is there anything you cannot do
to cover over the pain of loss?
will nothing stop you
save the chisel of relentless love
the steady hand of compassion
the discriminating eye of wisdom
looking into the mirror
peeling away every futile mask
courage tames you

the humble receive you
as a message from the deep

-barbara l. walker
morgantown copyright 2008

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