Sunday, December 16, 2012

prayer for a community at a loss for words

Oh Unknowable Author of Mystery,

We cry out to you
in shock and sadness
anger and doubt
We do not understand
what appears to be
the absence of your Love
in the murder of twenty innocent children
and the loving adults who cared for them
or the trauma their classmates, colleagues, and families
are now experiencing

We are heartbroken for all of them.

We don’t know what to do!

Some of us feel like powerless children
eyes wide, hands in the air
just hoping for a reason
to feel safe
Some of us feel like worried parents
who just want to do something
to make everything “all better”
Some of us feel a wish to be leaders
to make laws or create programs
in an attempt to prevent any more loss

But – we all know
as individuals
we are powerless

We are unable to prevent loss.
We are unable to make it all better.
As individuals, we are powerless
to create safety for all of the children in our care.

That’s why we are here
against all of our doubts
that You – the Power
of Universal Love
You – the Unseen Friend to All
You – the Holy Glue
that somehow brings us together
even in our diversity of stories
about who You are and who you are not
We beg You – Love – to connect us now.

Bring us a clarity in our Oneness
as the Human Family
that allows us
to think together
to work compassionately
and thoroughly and wisely
to create safety and well-being
for all of us.
We commit ourselves to each other
–despite our differences–
to love each other
to help each other
We commit ourselves
to asking for help.

We commit ourselves
to creating safety
in each personal interaction
so that people who are deeply hurting
and scared
can find the help that is needed

We commit ourselves to Love

We are thankful
for the light of community.
We are thankful
to be alive
to have each other
and to know Love works.

We ask
for comfort
for hope
for peace
and for wisdom.

Let it be so.

(c)2012 Barbara L. Walker, Morgantown WV
written for a candlelight vigil for the children of Sandy Hook

for all who have lost a child, or the dream of a child, 
in whatever way the child was lost
your pain may have been triggered by this event

for leaders, official and otherwise, please start with this story

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