Friday, April 1, 2011

emotions are your internal weather

Here are a few things I know about weather.

1. There is no bad weather, only lack of appropriate clothing.

2. Whatever is happening right now will not go on happening forever. It probably won't even be happening for the rest of the day.

3. Unpredictable!

4. Weather can really mess up your plans, unless you make a plan for what to do in case of certain kind of weather.

5. Sometimes, the weather is a reminder for you to just give yourself a break.

6. If you enjoy an activity, you can enjoy it in almost any kind of weather. A certain type of weather is rarely a reason for not engaging in something you really want to do. (Notwithstanding number 5.)

7. Blaming weather for your actions doesn't get you anywhere.

8. Nobody else is responsible for your decisions about what to do in response to the weather.

9. If we always had one kind of weather, things would be pretty mundane.

10. Every kind of weather has a gift or a message for you.

11. If you want to be happy, it is good to pay attention to the weather, find a way to accept it as it is, and be grateful for what the weather is bringing you.

12. Good shoes, wool socks, and a cozy hat, and a good friend make any kind of weather bearable.

Whenever you are having trouble with the weather, internal or external, it's good to have a nice cup of tea.

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