Monday, January 19, 2009


Well, the electric stayed on, so court did progress. Sixty percent of our agency's families passed court on Friday - yippee! - all of them first time court dates. We, however, did not pass. The judge wants one more piece of paper from the local government from which the children came. Our new court date is March 5, and if we pass that day, we may travel in late March or early April. I think that is the beginning of the rainy season in Ethiopia. Good thing my mom taught me to LOVE rain! Meanwhile, we will be using the unexpected extra time to finish the house and learn more Amharic. Our fabulous helpers (trip companion and house-sitter) are still on board, thankfully.

We are enjoying all the MLK and Obama celebrations on tv and here in town. Today, I went to the MLK birthday celebration downtown and was treated to a live preformance of Ilene Evans portrayal of Harriet Tubman. It was awesome. And tomorrow night, I will be going to the local Inaugural Ball. My friend lent me a fabulous gown, but Laird hasn't figured out what he will wear as his suit is an hour-and-a-half drive away. Gotta go make supper so I can be done with that before the Kids' Inaugural Celebration on Disney channel. Oh My!!!!!


Julee said...

I'm so sorry for the court delay. In the oen days of Ethiopian adoptions it seemed like all cases always passed first time....not now. It is so hard and I am sure you are VERY disapointed. Our court day is in a few days...I am beside myself wondering if both boys (unrelated)will pass? One thing I have learned through our 16 adoptions is that almost 100% of the kids do eventually come home...even if it is never as soon as I;d like. God bless you, your new kids are so wonderful and SOO beautiful!


Watt Smith said...

Good luck! What you are doing is amazing. I think the rainy season beings in May.

Watt Smith

the pedersens said...

Hi Barbara - I'm sorry that your court date has been delayed. However, I'm so very impressed with your outlook on the situation. I'm sure you are disappointed, but I'm hopeful that the time will pass quickly as you and Laird tackle your projects and prepare for your children to come home. It seems as if everything is taking a little longer with Ethiopia these days. We're still waiting for our referral. I hope to have some news for you on the 31st. I look forward to seeing you next weekend at Tana. ~Jess