Thursday, April 10, 2008

Keep Moving Forward!

Spring is here and we are rolling!

We have officially sent our application in to our homestudy agency! Wooo hooooo!!!

Here is our Adoption To Do list up to our next Wait Time:
Finish paperwork for homestudy and send to AFS.
Set up appointment for first homestudy visit.
Finish I-600A application and send.
Finish gathering papers for AAI and send.
Do Hague training (AFS requirement).
Watch Attachment training dvd and take test (AAI requirement).
May: homestudy visits.
~ Wait for complete homestudy to be sent to AAI. ~

If we can get it all together AND if the Government Form Fairies are working with us, our approximate travel to Ethiopia will be at the end of this year. This is based on everything I know, so it could be totally off! But, we'll roll with the punches.

By the way, I HIGHLY recommend everyone who is becoming a parent, no matter how, to submit your self to the homestudy process. It is a really great way to get ready on every level for the important work of parenting. Seriously. I think everyone should do it. I think the world would be a much better place for children - and all of us - if EVERYone who parents would first put thoughtful, honest energy into convincing experts that they are mentally, financially, and logistically READY to be responsible, effective, loving parents.

On the parallel April/May Get the House Ready To Do list:
Finish porch and stairs.
Refinish the common area of the basement into a functional family room.
Sell the South Park lot so we can expand the kitchen!

Carpet and ceiling pull-out party on April 20th. If you have any aggression to focus on a destructive project that will ultimately lead to good, come on by!

Meanwhile, Laird is busybusybusy getting ready for race season and I am filling out lots of government forms at work. Good news is that now I really do know all five of my siblings' birth dates! The above adoption to do list - I'll be working on that myself from now until early May.... speaking of which... Cheat Fest! May 3. Be there!

Also, I am joining Jones United Methodist Church. It is a little church with big-hearted wonderful people. I will add the links to Christopher's blog, and to Meredith's blog. Christopher is the pastor at Jones and two other churches, and Meredith, his wife, is the pastor at two other churches nearby. They are wonderful.

Other news: Ben's working, Shannon's working, Tegan has been awarded a music scholarship for next year at Fairmont State, and Jordan's jumping hurdles and long jumping and running fast for Suncrest Track!

Flowers are blooming!

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