Saturday, November 17, 2007

First official step

Last week, we sent
our application to AAI
to adopt a waiting
sibling group from Ethiopia.

Family growing

I will learn your words
I will learn your world
I will rock you to sleep
feed you, clothe you, help you grow
laugh with you and sing with you

This is my commitment
This is my hope
I will find you
My children, I will cross the ocean

I started with desire
and the whole world
for thirty years I have believed in you
for two years I have read, gathered,
asked, talked it all through
I have considered every avenue

I believe in you

I will be your mama
My husband will be your daddy
He has desired
listened, considered, imagined
Together, we believe in you
We will fill out hundreds of papers
and sign our names to care for you
for life
for our lives

This is the simple reason we are searching
seeking, finding you,
coming to get you,
bringing you home:
We want you

Now, we know
you are in Ethiopia
Our journey is to you
When the leaves are green again
we will hold a picture of you
in our hands, hoping
and your names will be written
in our hearts.

We are already yours.

We will learn your words
We will learn your world
We will cross the ocean
We will rock you to sleep
singing the songs of Ethiopia.

Barbara L. Walker
copyright 2007


Becky said...

YEAH!!! I am so excited you have a blog - I am going to become considerably less efficient now that I can read up on all my loves and what they are doing...sometimes technology does in fact do a world of good. Although, it's also probably going to make me miss you more! :) Love you!

Gumbrinus said...

Congratulations on the beginning of your great adventure! Most people don't get to think ahead so much, to be so deliberate and driven about child rearing. Which is why I think that adoption is often the ideal form of parenting because you really have to want it to happen, as opposed to the gods just intervening on behalf of your uterus ;-)